3 Aug 2016

Hello Anthony Joshua!

Mr Joshua's favourtie restaurant is...us , of course
Hello Anthony Joshua!
6 Aug 2016

James Whale on CBB

James Whale on CBBhttp://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/celebrity-big-brother-live-eviction-8570930
James Whale on CBB
15 Aug 2016

Read All About It!

Lovely feature on Bar Italia in The Sunday Times yesterday
The Sunday Times yesterday
17 Aug 2016

We say hello to Brendan from Coach Trip

Delighted to see Brendan from 'Coach Trip' in recently
Hello Brendan
25 Aug 2016

Be like Cav...

Be like Cav...If you are missing Italy, then come here....CALL US NOW: 0207 734 4737
Be like Cav...